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Jazz Scales Alto Sax Pdf BEST Download

if you play the jazz guitar you will no doubt have heard it said that you must learn your scales by playing chords. although this is true in the beginning, it will get tiring and pointless after a while. a lot of jazz players are afraid to practice scales because they are taught that if you play any wrong notes in a scale then you are doing it wrong. this is of course nonsense, which is why jazz students like to practice scales as much as possible. scales are not as difficult as playing wrong notes, and they will help you to play in a more musical and effective manner. playing scales is like breathing, it just seems natural to do it all the time. in fact, if you practice scales regularly you will probably be amazed at how much better you play by the end of the week.

Jazz Scales Alto Sax Pdf Download

in the following tab i have written the chords and arpeggio patterns for the jazz alto sax, you are free to memorize these lines and play the arpeggios with them. if you already know the chords this is an excellent way of checking your progress. if you want to go further, you can use these lines as a piano-roll. when the music starts again, you can play the arpeggios as piano-rolls, and make sure that you play the chord shapes as the guitar plays them. this is a process of playing together.

when you get comfortable with this, you can start improvising. to do this, you just need to play the arpeggios in the first position, and as you play the jazz guitar you will notice that you develop ideas and solos that relate to the chords. that is, you will play the arpeggios and listen to the chords and the chord shapes in the music and develop phrases based on those shapes. you can be as detailed or as abstract as you like. if you play the arpeggios and listen to the chords, you will develop solos in your own unique way. you will probably end up developing solos that are a little bit jazz or a little bit bluesy or a little bit funky. eventually you will reach a stage where you can play a solo over a chord, and the solo will be very meaningful. this is the point at which you will really have achieved something.


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