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Matthias Wandel Big Print Program 28

the frank and roberta furbush new teaching scholar program is a new initiative at cfa that brings a cohort of seven outstanding new faculty members from the u.s. and other countries to the university of heidelberg to explore teaching and research in german studies and germanic languages. we are fortunate to have heidi byrnes among us this fall as the first in the cohort. heidi received her m.a. in germanic languages and literatures from the university of michigan, ann arbor, where she taught at the university of michigan school of music, theatre and dance, and at the school of dance. she is currently a ph.d. student in german studies at the university of michigan. her current project focuses on the relationship between gernsheimtentum and the digital media.

matthias wandel big print program 28

after searching the web for an application that would allow me to make the print outs, i found this helpful matias tutorial. it explains how to create a raster image of a pdf file by using the pen tool, pen to path and path to pen. i printed out the pdf file for the hole pattern, cut it, and then sent it to matias for editing. i exported the file as a.jpg. here is a link to the final product i made.

step 2: printing the hole pattern i printed out my pdf file and cut it into a sheet. then i printed it out again on paper. i also printed out the empty template (below). i used a punch to punch the holes into the template. matiass version of a punch.

step 6: cutting out the hole pattern matiass big print program allows you to enter the measurements of the hole patterns and have it automatically print out the correct holes for the template. i used a punch to punch the template out of the mat.


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