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the gucci familys legacy is a subject of many books and films. but the familys first public protest at that time was also seminal. in 1966, a group of guccis sons took a seat at the american embassy in rome, which was an unprecedented move. a spokesman for the family said that the sons sought a meeting to express their solidarity and concern for the civil rights cause. at the time, such a protest would have been unthinkable, but its symbolic value was undeniable.

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the sons had gone far beyond the usual pecking order of the family, to the point of asserting their authority over their father, and to the point of risking their very lives to defend the civil rights movement. and it has been the sons who have tended to run the company, and been praised for it. but perhaps the most important thing to remember about the guccis is that they are not a particularly happy family. the movie focuses on aldos sons, the gucci loyalists, and his brother maurizio, the only man in the family who does not respect the sons, and who is somehow related to the familys roots.

the gucci legacy is now as extraordinary as the family itself, and the movie serves as a fascinating window into the early 1970s. and its a fascinating time in italian history, as well. the italian economy is booming, and the country is benefiting from an ever-expanding world market. everyone is fed up with the military. the popes pope, paul vi, is a stylish dresser, and a peacemaker. and the world looks to italy as a model of all that is right with the west. the movie features many stills from the time, and it shows how different things are then.


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