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Parents need to know that Pocket Build is an open-ended building experience that is reminiscent of Minecraft. There is some mild, blood-free violence as human characters battle goblins or other creatures, but characters can revive. Kids may ask to purchase a subscription to unlock bonus items (buildings, land pieces, etc.), but they can unlock one item for free each hour. There is some pressure to subscribe when kids tap on locked bonus items, but there are no other ads. Kids can upload their worlds and download worlds others have created. Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids') information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

Pocket Build

POCKET BUILD is a sandbox building app where kids collect resources and then use them to buy characters, buildings, trees, and other objects to decorate their worlds. The characters collect more resources (wood, food, gold) to purchase more items. There's also a "sandbox mode" where kids have all items unlocked (no need to save). Kids can start with a range of worlds starting from completely empty to having a homestead. They can add all sorts of objects and creatures, including goblins, dragons, and giants to make whatever type of environment they can imagine. The characters have automation features that may have them working, dancing, or just roaming around. This adds some life to the worlds so kids don't have to micromanage everything. For those who want to experience their words first-hand, there's a first person mode where kids navigate as one of the characters and can chop trees and collect food. If kids want to collaborate, there are other user-generated worlds to explore or add to a personal account so kids can build on each other's world, and kids can share their own worlds, too.

This app lets kids build without goals, time limits, or outside pressure. Pocket Build is relaxing, low-key, and somewhat mesmerizing. Whether you work for your resources and spend them wisely, or unlock it all in sandbox mode, there's simply no stress to get anything in particular done. Now, this isn't for everyone. Some kids prefer concrete tasks to complete so they feel like they are progressing. Pocket Build isn't for those kids. But for those who like lining everything up "just so," and picking out just the right tree for a particular outcropping, this will occupy them for hours on end. There are some drawbacks, however. It's hard to tell what some objects are, placing things doesn't always go as intended, and mining is painfully slow early on, but those are easily overlooked as you watch your characters dance or chop wood. All in all, this little game is delightful in its simplicity.

Have you ever wanted to make your own little fantasy world? A farm, some kind of castle, or just an epic fantasy city? Pocket Build is an open world game where you can build with no limitations or restrictions. Build whatever you like, whenever you like, however you like. The possibilities are endless!

The possibilities are endless! Build your own city, build your own world, build your own castle, be creative, craft your land, build a town, create your own adventure, build anywhere in an open world. Become a Pocket Builder today!

Perfect game. But we would love a feature where you can select a certain sized blank tile, fill it with objects, and then SAVE that tile as a single new object in a separate item menu. For example, you add a little western building, some walls to make a small courtyard, a couple of cactus and tree objects, and a little fountain. You name it something like western saloon 1 and save it as a whole item. In a later world build, you create a large desert island, add a bunch of stuff, and then you select Custom Tiles and right there in the list is western saloon 1. You select it, and drag it around and rotate it just like any other object, and drop the whole tile right into your new western world.

So we want you to be able to walk inside more houses and you should have huge houses and it should say mansion on them and you should put more animals like snakes or more just more animals because having only dogs and cows and all that is boring. You should be able to ride more animals put in some more zoo animals does pocket build is kinda getting boring to us so we need you guys to upgrade Pocket Build just a little bit because we bet there are a lot of people out there who like Pocket Build just one more things added to Pocket Build having more houses that you can actually go inside so thank you if you make the changes thank you very much. Oh, and one more thing, your character should be able to eat food and you should even make places that are like schools houses in schools in houses that you can actually go into and you should make one plot of land. Its just a huge no gaps no Bridges know. Nothing at the plot of land that you have to place it down.

You kind of just exist in this game. Im sure it has a learning curve kind of like Minecraft, but having no discernible path of progress or any kind of story kind of kills our desire to play the game. You collect wood and food to get more stuff but it takes forever, and what do you even do with the new stuff you build or get? It gives you a basic tutorial of how to play but doesnt go further than that. If they added a more in depth tutorial explaining how everything works maybe Id be more interested. Or even if there was some kind of story interwoven into a more lengthy tutorial explaining everything and then the adventure fully begins that would be easier and more interesting.

First off you dont get everything like building houses and everything. Its not too bad but its not like theyre trying to make the game better. So when you become a person youre super slow takes forever to get to one place to another. So the game is good, but not good enough to buy it for a dollar and you dont get everything for buying the game. We hope this helped.

First off, amazing game, not too many complaints. But some ideas. We want more custom housing, maybe a fully disassembled house in a couple styles, like a window, and door, and stuff like that. Our builds seem limited with the few selection of buildings we are given with, instead of adding more, maybe a broken part that we can add to any shape. Same idea but for castle walls, it seems limited with the stuff we are given. The corners of walls clip through together with no corner wall segment for KINGS style. Its just limited and seems like Im placing stamps or stickers down which makes it a little less funOther than that awesome! Keep it up!

There is a random background music that plays while Im building we have turned off background music and sound effects please look into this issue and what we can do to resolve it. It is a minor inconvenience but still an inconvenience at most. Thank you for the game we have been building for years on all platforms its great !

Hi! Im building a world with a lot of dogs, like a town made with dog houses. Can you make dog furniture like dog beds and food bowls? We need them. We also need you to make dogs able to stand still. They keep moving around when we need them to stay. A few last things: can you make it so you can change the color of the water in fountains and turn them on? To make our fountain work, we had to put sprinklers inside of it. And, can you make cars that people can ride? They need a fast way to get around our city, its really big. And, since you recently added cats, you should make cat furniture too! You should also make it so dogs can go up stairs. They have now way to climb the cliff since they cant climb. Thats all our suggestions. Bye! And this game is awesome! :)

We can build all we want to with this. If you like Minecraft you might like this. But one suggestion add more animals please (here you are some yall might want to add; Elephant, Giraffe, flamingo, right whale, different parrots, penguins, manatee, sharks, and more!) Can you fix the bug where the stag walk in the the huge rocks? If you like sandbox games then this game is for you. Also add country flags.

Look, this game is great, and its such a fun concept. We always love games like these where you can just build things without worry of running out of resources. But multiplayer has been up and coming since the roadmap was added. And Id rather get full multiplayer sooner than something useless like cats. We understand that you advertise new content every update, so perhaps you could add something new to a category that needs it, like monsters and dragons. We would give this 5 stars, but its just a little too frustrating that the devs are spending their time bringing us cats instead of things we really want.

If u pay for a game u shud instantly unlock everything, we dunno but we feel like the hourly stuff means that you would have to play for hours if you wanted a few out of reach items for free Other than that we love this game and we recommend it to anyone who wants to build things! Have a good day.

This is a great game, but we have a few ideas if you dont mind. First, we suggest natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Second you should be able to control the humans while they are mounted and maybe control animals too. Also the giants. There should also be a mode where the humans build houses for themselves. We hope you consider these ideas. Thank you.

Hi, this game is great! We have a few suggestions: Im building something with goblins, and we think you should add a few more goblins. What about a doctor goblin? When the goblins die, someone needs to revive them other than us! We also think you should make it so you can make the goblins stand still. We need. Them to stand, like on the watch tower, but they keep moving around. You should also make goblins who can chop wood, and farm we have no humans in our world to do that. You should also make goblins able to ride horses and dragons! Bye! That is the end of the review. 041b061a72


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