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Ivan B - Better W Lil JT (Audio)

They lost five of their final six regular-season series and fell in the regional championship at Dallas Baptist, going 11-13 after Melton was shut down. He spent time wondering what could have been, but more often, Melton used his solitude in nature to self reflect and try to better himself as a person.

Ivan B - Better w Lil JT (Audio)

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1) Open your Windows Media Player Version 7.0 or better. You must have this to listen to the game. If you do not have Windows Media Player Version 7.0 or better, you can download it for free by at

Minimum computer requirements needed to listen to the show are a PC or Macintosh with a Pentium chip or better. Also, a sound card, speakers and a minimum of 14.4 kbps (28.8 kbps connection for video) is needed for the audio. The Real Media Player application is needed to view or listen to the show. Copies of the application can be downloaded for free from the . web site.

Partly because of this new confidence Humphrey decided to enterthe 1960 presidential primaries in a few states to challenge Senator John F.Kennedy for the Democratic Party nomination. The Kennedy's, however, were apowerful family whose political and economic ties gained certain advantages.They had a lot more money to spend, a better organization, and a lot ofrelatives to send on the campaign trail. In a speech before the Madison Gridiron Club in Wisconsin on March 30,Humphrey admitted that "there are times when I envy the campaign of myadversary. It seems to have plenty of glamor - and it certainly has plenty ofJack."

Vietnam, however, was the topic many audiences wanted to hearabout more. In a speech given at Michigan StateUniversity on June 1st, shortly after President Johnson himself spoke at JohnsHopkins University about "unconditional negotiations" in Vietnam, Humphreyspelled out the basis of the administration's policy in Vietnam: there would beno withdrawal, a political solution to the conflict was essential, and theVietnamese people could only hope for better days.

1967 fared little better. Soured by the bad election year anddropping polls, Johnson rarely visited college campuses and was careful abouthis public appearances in general. Humphrey however, accustomed to being in themidst of protests and demonstrations, met with even more violence than usual.During a speech made to a Stanford University student panel discussion onFebruary 20th "four hundred anti-war demonstrators mobbed his car, pushedplacards in his face, and shrieked: 'War criminal,' 'Murderer,' and 'Burn, Baby,Burn.' Several tried to crash through the cordon of police, and one emptied acan of urine on a Secret Service man defending the vice president. Another threwhimself under the front wheel of Humphrey's car but was dragged back by apoliceman" (Hubert Humphrey: A Biography, p. 303).

Humphrey and Nixon were in a dead heat in the polls. On the surface, it appearedthat the hope of peace talks with the North Vietnamese and an end to the war mayhave handed Humphrey the presidency. Behind the scenes, the Nixon campaignpromised the Vietnamese in Paris that a Nixon administration would give them abetter deal after the election and convinced them to stay away from the ongoingnegotiations. On election day, the numbers showed that Nixon had beaten Humphreyby less than one-half of one percent of the popular vote. 041b061a72


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